About Us


PNP Consultants helps Industries to solve their most difficult challenges and develop capabilities for sustained improvement. We advise businesses on globalization and help global companies thrive in India. PNP Consultants creates a path to success for MSME by creating the roadmap for the company and help their leadership team to be responsible and accountable. Suggest improvements in operational effectiveness & Sales. Craft Finance and HR strategy. We work with Entrepreneurs & provide them with Entrepreneurial Business Management Systems (EBMS) and support them to master the disciplines to strengthen the six key components of the business and enhance their performance to the next level. The consultancy for Businesses to ensure if Global companies (of any size) willing to come to India. We can provide support in terms of legal advice, Creating Distributor Network and do test market strategy. We also provide support to Indian companies seeking a specific partner, go to market strategy for market expansion in Europe, Russia, South East Asia and the United States. 

Meet our founder

Dr Praveen C Srivastava

Founder & CEO- PNP Consultants

Dr Praveen C Srivastava is a business coach, trainer, a turnaround specialist, keynote speaker, blogger & wildlife photographer. He works with business owners to help them to expand their business in terms of profitability & growth. He creates business strategies, systems and processes to ensure that the organisation runs on autopilot mode and achieve double the profitability. He also conducts two of his signature programs i.e. How to grow & double the profitability of the business and How to enhance the performance of the sales team.

Know More About Dr Praveen C Srivastava

Dr Praveen C Srivastava has 24 years of working experience in Corporate. During his last assignment, he worked as Vice President – Asia Pacific for a U.S Multinational. Currently, He is into Business Consulting and doing Corporate Training. Dr Praveen C Srivastava has attended many Seminars and Corporate Training programs organized by IIM- Ahmadabad, XLRI, Administrative Staff College –Hyderabad and Indian School of Business. He is widely travelled to more than 47 countries across the globe and has experience working with Japanese, European and US multinational including 5 years posting in the United States. He is BTech (Bachelor of Technology), MTech (Master of Technology) in Mechanical engineering and besides this, He is an MBA and acquired PhD in Management. He can fluently speak /write English, Hindi & Russian. Besides the above Dr Praveen C Srivastava is ZED certified Consultants from QCI. His main skills are Assignments in Heading Operations’ Management involving Sales & Marketing, Business Development involving operations, planning, formulation and implementation of corporate strategies, tapping new markets/channels in Overseas. Travelled extensively to USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, Russia, Belo Russia, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Yugoslavia, Serbia, UK, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, S. Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Greece, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Austria, Switzerland, Algeria & Tunisia. Developed Distribution Network in CIS Countries. Can read, write and speak the Russian language.