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Program 1

How to grow your business and double the profitability Program

₹ 5000

(Inclusive of GST)

Program 2

How to enhance individual sales performance and effectiveness of the sales team Program

₹ 3,500

(Inclusive of GST)

Find answers to all your questions:

  • How can I grow my business?
  • How can I make my business work?
  • How hard is to start a successful business?
  • How can I make my business successful?
  • How to scale up our business?
  • How do I market my products or services?
  • What are the techniques used in corporate?
  • How do I manage my staff and team so that I will have time for my family and myself?
  • What are the techniques used by corporate managers to become successful in business?

Are you struggling with the following issues:

  • Business is not growing.
  • Employees are de-motivated.
  • You are doing everyday fire-fighting.
  • Payments do not come on time.
  • Your company is not able to grow its sales.
  • Your team is not performing as per the expectations.

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